The actual process and discovery in making a work is a key component in the concept of my compositions. When I begin a work I have a general idea of a structure for the final composition. As that structure is developing, aspects of the creative process may alter the direction of the various shapes within the composition and new elements may be added to enhance the work. Throughout my art making years a major aspect of my various series of works has been my adaptability to utilize whatever materials I have at my disposal for that moment. This aspect has allowed me a vast visual vocabulary from which I can cull and develop my concepts and compositions.

On most occasions, the basis of my creative thinking has been the human figure, portraits, and nature as subject matter. Contemporary

digital processes aid in altering imagery, and initially suggesting a variety of "starting point" concepts. This present body of sculptural work uses this subject matter with the end result of an object-based form that is abstract in nature. The process of water-based clay, glazes, lacquers, and mixed media are employed to formulate each unique sculptural composition. Some of the forms are grouped together on a shelf or various shelves to create a formalistic interaction between the individual elements. Others are singular or have various shapes grouped together in a singular form, expressing the elements of process and design. The two-dimensional works are an intrinsic element of my creative thinking process. I utilize drawing and painting to work through initial concepts and to also bridge my way to the next series of works. It all just comes down to my enjoying making things and where that road of discovery takes me during the process.


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